March 2021 Sale

Mar 2021 12

Our next sale date will be Friday, March 12, 2021
At 11:00 a.m.
At the Ichthys Headquarters.

For more information:
Phone: 402-984-6375
Email: [email protected]



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Sale Instructions


Eligibility to Bid: In order to bid you will need to register with DVAuction or with Ichthys Cattle Enterprise prior to the sale. You may bid via DVA through click to bid or with a phone representative, or you can bid in person at the sale. We will clerk the sale on site.


Directions: [NOTE: We highly recommend not using GPS as several customers have gotten stuck when it took them on minimum maintenance roads.]  From Guide Rock, NE: One mile north of G.R. is the intersection of Hwys. 136 and 78. From that intersection drive 3 miles west on Hwy. 136 to Road 1900. Turn north and drive 5 miles to Road M; you will see a large white building to the east, that is where the auction will be. From Red Cloud, NE: Drive 7 miles east on Hwy. 136 to Road 1900. Turn north and drive 5 miles to Road M. You will see a large white building (auction site) to the east. If you are coming south on Hwy 78 you can turn west on Road N (8 miles south of Hwy 4), drive 3 miles on gravel to 1900 then turn south and drive 1 mile to Road M. The auction will be held in a relatively new multi-purpose building on our place.


Viewing: The bulls and bred heifers will be penned and ready for viewing at our facility on March 11th. Each animal will have an ID number and a blue lot number. The animals will sell in lot number order. The animals will not leave the pens during the sale. We will show a video of each animal during the sale. If you want to see the animals in advance of the 11th, please contact us and make an appointment; we would be happy to oblige.


Auction Format: We will have a cowboy style auction. Though this format still moves very quickly you will not hear a bunch of chatter that you can’t understand or have ring men yelling at you when there is a bid. There will be no rafter bids.


Every lot has a base price listed in the sale catalog. The auctioneer will offer the animal at the base price. If you are registered to bid, you will receive a bidding card. If you are interested in the animal, raise your card while the animal is for sale. If the auctioneer exceeds your bid price, put your card down. If you are the last person with your card in the air, you have won the bid.


Motel Accommodations:  The closest towns with motel accommodations are Red Cloud (Green Acres 402-746-2201), Blue Hill (Blue Hill Motel 402-756-3901) and Superior (Victorian Inn 402-879-3245). For a wider range of options in lodging and dining you are welcome to look into accommodations in Hastings, Grand Island and Kearney.


Delivery: Though we don’t offer delivery, we would be happy to help buyers get together to combine loads.


Vet Papers: We spent a tremendous amount of money our first year making certain every animal was ready to ship on sale day with health papers. Several of the bulls didn’t sell while several heifers and bulls stayed in Nebraska and didn’t need papers. Many bulls didn’t end up shipping for a week or so and we could have taken care of papers then. We decided to wait until after the sale to prep the cattle for papers if they need them. If you want to wait on health papers, we will board the animals at our expense for up to one week after the sale, March 19th.


AI Certificates:  Any AI calves born from OCC sires would need to have AI certificates purchased from OCC.


Reference Sires: Following is a list of some of our sires, their breeds and their registration numbers. These sires are, for the most part, either the sires of the animals themselves, what the heifers were A.I.ed to and/or cleaned up with, or are the sires of cows in our herd. Links to their progeny for sale as well as breed association pedigrees and additional information are available on our website.


Hereford: PPH Domino Plato Rupert 42965967, WS King Ten 42921743, BTF DPH 4013 bull (this is a Sustainable Genetics bull) 43071418, NT 123 bull 24046601, PCC OH Axel 43509337, ICE Joe 43807760, Edisto 136 Battle Rupert T352 42860368


Black Angus: PCC MH Rebel 15192082, BAA Brute 16879507, PCC SSCC Mojo 16777360, PCC High Point 17195302, Beral of Wye UMF 9288 15600072, PCC Sure Bet 17424192, PCC High Roller 17195299, PCC Pety 18044453, PCC FSR Jalapeno 17866155, ICE Billy Bob 7401E 19100970, OCC Picture Perfect 738P 14940739, OCC X-tra Easy 708X 17190960, OCC No Fault 901N 14940662, OCC Paradise 681P 14940723


Red Angus: PCC Johnny B. Good 1065904, PCC WFF Action Jack 1690480, PCC REI Super Pud 1354840, PCC Short Cut 794618, OH Colorado Chunky 872901, PCC Colorado Hobo 541060, Center Stage 1062583, PCC DC Jack 1555121, PCC DC Bentley 1684906, PCC Cow Chaser 1723602, ICE KOM D-7 Amazon 1641202, OCC Easy Red 1622476, OCC Red Grazer 1666776


Composite: PCC Elijah, Cowboy Magic, Smitty, PCC TF Pale Face, PCC Colfax, PCC Tallahassee, OCC Zorro, OCC Blaze Jetfleck, Exceptional Blaze, ICE Roaring River, Cow Chaser, OCC Gulf Stream


Breeding Dates: The heifers were A.I. bred the first week of August and cleaned up until the end of September. They will calve in May-June.


Calving Ease, Disposition, Fleshing Ability: We are looking for perfect 10’s, but sometimes a great 8 will do.  We have rated each animal according to what we think are accurate descriptions of their ability to calve easily or throw easy calving females, to be gentle and to be able to flesh on forage. We guarantee the calving ease of every heifer we sell and many of our bulls are guaranteed for calving ease. So, what does that mean? We think every heifer we sell should be able to calve unassisted. However, in practice we know that doesn’t happen, absolutely, in every instance. In our operation if we have to assist a heifer at calving she is culled from the herd. We would recommend checking the heifers at least twice/day as we do. We calve on grass and check them in the morning, at noon and in the evening. You could obviously check them more often if you want. For our guarantee, if you check your heifers at least twice/day and have an issue, we are willing to pay a vet call. If you take care of the issue yourself, we will pay you $50. Every heifer has bred-in calving ease and is bred to a calving ease bull. We don’t like problems in this area and don’t want you to deal with them either.


Disposition is important to us. We have 7 children, some very small, and we simply don’t allow wild cattle at our place. We think this group of cattle, overall, has the best disposition of any we’ve had, the same goes for fleshing ability.


All heifers were ultrasound preg-checked and their bred status is listed in the contents.


Frame Scores: We have measured the hip height of every bull and heifer and of most of their dams. We used a frame score chart which factors in age to determine the frame score of each sale animal and most of the momma cows to within ½ of a score.