Ichthys Food

Barbecue food productions from grass fed beef | Guide Rock, NebraskaWe believe that tasty food and nutritious/healthy food are not mutually exclusive. On our farm we aim to produce as much of our own food as possible. We require every child, by the time they are 7, to have their own enterprise. Not really coincidentally, each child has chosen a food enterprise. Our “deal” with them is that we pay for the majority of the expenses and they manage the enterprise. The family gets to use as much of the food product as it wants/needs and they are free to sell the rest. Robert milks 2 cows (Robert’s Dairy), Ashley gathers eggs from her hens (Ashley’s Eggs), Hannah bakes (Hannah Banana Bread), David feeds out hogs (David’s Pork) and Rachel just recently got a flock of sheep (Rachel…Aren’t Ewe Special?). Rachel plans to sell bred ewes as well. We also produce grain and grass finished beef. If you are interested in any of our products please contact us.