Hauling/Shared Loads

Rideshares: We are more than willing to help customers line up loads but have found this to be a challenge until after the sale is over, and after the sale is quite chaotic with clerking and load outs. If you are most certainly planning to attend the sale with a trailer AND you are willing to haul other people’s cattle AND you know approximately how much room you will have, please send us your destination location and about how many you are willing to haul, and we will get a list made up and in an UPDATE.
We do our best to help customers make transportation as convenient as possible. Even if someone can get your animals partway to you, that’ll save you some miles.
As of 3/6/24
We now have customers willing to haul to the following locations the day of the sale.
– Stanton, IA
– North Central Nebraska,Valentine-Kilgore area (Kevin: 402-322-0817)
– Phillipsburg, KS
– Northeast Nebraska (Pilger)
– Marshfield, MO
Hauling later in the week to:
– Millers, NC
Please call/text if you want more information or if you’re willing to haul for others the day of the sale also.
402-984-3890 (leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible)